Oregon Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association

Promoting the owning, breeding and racing of Oregon Thoroughbreds




Oregon Bred Thoroughbred Owner’s Bonus

The OTOBA will pay a bonus to the owners of Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds based on their earnings from Thoroughbred races at the five summer meets. The total bonus pool available is $15,000. The bonus will be distributed proportionally to owners. The bonus amount will be determined at the end of the summer meets and is dependent on the total earnings from all Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds competing. No set percentage or amount is guaranteed.


Breeder’s Awards for Oregon Bred Thoroughbreds

10% of 1st – 5th Place earnings on Thoroughbred races at the Oregon Summer Meets will be paid to the Breeder.


 Stakes Races

OTOBA will add $1,000.00 to the purse for one Oregon-bred Stakes race one Oregon-bred Filly/Mare Stakes race at each Oregon Summer Meet.


Hi Point Challenge

Cash awards will be given to

the top five fillies/Mares and the top five colts/Geldings!

1st - $1000      2nd - $750      3rd - $500      4th - $250      5th - $125

Rules and conditions are posted on the OTOBA website



2019 Hi Point Totals
Through Grants Pass
The unofficial totals are listed
Arrastrando Cobija 12
Attaboy Quinn 9
Bobbygenesjustice 24
Burton Ernie 18
Dan's Diamond 24
Forty Seven Blue 12
Hellagood 14
Hello Son 8
I'mrockingthislife 12
Mundi Stone 15
Post Marc 17
Quake n Grind 15
Racing Ray 16
Rockinatthebar 12
Skeesix 20
Snow Zone 21
Snowfire Cowboy 16
Softstar 8
Tappin the Keg 5
Wings of Wisdom 19
Americas Grind 14
Astounding Abby 13
At U Lover 17
Brite Lily 23
China Gal 8
Delta Bound 15
Dolly's Chestnut 5
Dolly's Gold 24
Excess RE 5
Foolstone 6
Gofargogo 7
Love ULC 15
Luckrules 9
Mean Like My Momma 19
Milady's Secret 10
Miss Overlook 9
Missy Parker 7
Ms Tinydanzer 8
My Girl Coco 9
Rock This World 9
Sea Harbor Go 10
Seismic Belle 12
She Flys Forever 17
Sheabazinga 7
Star Gold 14
Tilltheluvrunsout 15
True Statatement 6
Truly A Gem 17
Vision of the Kat 19




Cash awards will be given to the top five fillies/Mares and the top five colts/Geldings!

1st - $1000      2nd - $750      3rd - $500      4th - $250      5th - $125

The OTOBA offers this incentive program for our Owners and Breeders

who support the summer fair racing circuit in Oregon.

  Breeder awards will be paid on Oregon-bred earnings during the 2019 Summer Fairs. 


  • Must be a registered Oregon-bred Thoroughbred
  • Point system: 1st place finish=5 points, 2nd place finish=4 points, 3rd place finish=3 points, 4th place finish =2 points, 5th place finish=1 point.  FIVE additional points will be awarded to each horse that enters & runs at a fair meet (example: 5 points for entering & running at Harney County Fair, another 5 points for entering & running at Grants Pass Fair).  Points will be calculated by a representative of the OTOBA.  Note: points follow the horse, not the owner, breeder, or trainer of the horse.
  • The owners will receive the cash award. The winning owner and winning trainer of each category will receive a prize to be determined by the OTOBA Board of Directors.
  • In the case of a tie, the OTOBA Board of Directors will vote for the winner.
  • If a horse is claimed:

            -  if the horse is claimed and starts in future fair meet races then the points follow the horse.

            -   if the horse is claimed and does not start in future fair meet races then the points do not follow the horse. (example: The current High-Point TB horse is claimed at Tillamook Fair and does not start another race at the remaining fair race meets; the points remain for the owner of the horse prior to the claim-not the claimant connections.)

  • Points expire at the end of the 2019 Summer Fair Circuit.
  • Owners, Trainers and Breeders must be members of the OTOBA to avoid a 5% service charge on cash awards.
  • In the case of dispute or clarifications, the OTOBA Board of Directors will have the final decision.
  • Points will be awarded to Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds who place 1 through 5 in Thoroughbred races only. Mixed breed races will not be recognized for points or awards.