Oregon Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association

Promoting the owning, breeding and racing of Oregon Thoroughbreds

Portland Meadows Racetrack

The Oregon Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association (Oregon TOBA) is a non-profit corporation committed to serving the interests of Oregon's breeding and racing industries. Our mission is to increase public interest through promotion and advancement of the breeding and racing of Oregon Thoroughbreds. Our goal is to strengthen the Oregon Thoroughbred industry, in cooperation with our board of directors and members, both in breeding and racing with new innovative ideas and incentive programs for the betterment of our industry.

The Oregon TOBA administers incentive programs to reward our owners and breeders of Oregon-breds.  
A new incentive for owners and breeders running horses at the summer fair race meets in Oregon was implemented in 2008.  The Oregon TOBA Summer Fair Circuit Challenge awards the connections of the 'High-Point' Thoroughbred.  Breeder awards are paid on all Oregon-bred wins from the summer fair circuit, and owner bonuses are paid out to the top five High-Point Thoroughbreds from the summer fair circuit!  Click Here for more information!

If you breed or own racehorses,
 it PAYS to be a member of the OTOBA and own Oregon-breds! 

Oregon-bred Programs & Incentives

Foal Registration Incentive: $225 is paid to the party who registers an Oregon-bred foal.


Purse Supplements:  The OTOBA adds additional purse money to overnight races, stakes and handicaps.


Oregon Championship Day:  The OTOBA sponsors Oregon-bred races and adds purse money. Oregon Championship Day is an annual event.


Hi Point Challenge:  The OTOBA sponsors a summer fair meet challenge. Cash prizes are awarded to the owners of the top 5 fillies/mares and the top five colts/geldings.


Summer Fair Supplements:  The OTOBA adds purse money to Oregon-bred races at five county fairs in Oregon.

Summer Fair Owner's Bonus: The OTOBA will pay a bonus to owner's whose Oregon-bred Thorougbred has earnings during the 2019 summer fair race meets. 

Breeder’s Awards:  The OTOBA pays the breeders of Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds 10% of the 1st -5th place earnings at Portland Meadows and the summer fair meets. In the event Portland Meadows closes, a breeder’s award will be paid based on earnings at other venues.


Owner’ Bonus: Bonus paid to owners of Oregon-bred Thoroughbreds who have earnings at the Portland Meadows race meet or designated commercial race meet. Bonus is dependent on monies received per Oregon Racing Statute.


The OTOBA awards trophies and blankets for Oregon-bred stakes and handicap races.

 *bonuses and awards paid on Thoroughbred races only.



Gay Welliver, President
Sharon Balcom, Vice President
Carol Duby, Secretary

Sharon Balcom
Mary Boyle
Carol Duby
Sam Dronen
Connie Erickson
Ry Harwood
Eric Jensen
Daniel Kerr
Neil Knapp
Bruce Loudon
Mike Morris
Al Peterson
Shelia Peterson
Gordon Tallman
Gay Welliver


Lynnelle Fox Smith - Executive Director   

Rob Douglas - Lobbyist, RPD Company